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I sell cars, trucks and vans, but I prefer to sell trucks... I know trucks

Having lived in Edmonton Alberta, I've driven these trucks in -30 degree weather, 40 mph wind chill, and a couple feet of snow. I've learned the importance of having the right truck for safety, work and personal requirements.

Real quickly, a little bit about my personal truck buying experience, and why I'm passionate about making sure you get the right truck for the job - the first time around!

My Truck Buying Lesson

As a young man I worked as a swamper (trucker's helper) and eventually as a driver. I grew up working with people who owned pick-up trucks,  and I have owned several trucking services. As a result I understand the confidence generated by driving a properly equipped truck for the job. 

I learned the 'buying lesson' the hard way, as a result of listening to someone's advice that was wrong.

When purchasing my very first work truck, I went in to a dealership and told the salesperson what I was doing and how I was going to use the truck. After him being nicer to me than any uncle I've ever had, he sold me a truck. It wasn't until later that I discovered my new truck was not properly equipped for most of the jobs.

Returning to the dealership, I tried chatting with my new best friend who sold me the truck. He confessed that he didn't really understand what I meant when I had explained to him what I was using my truck for, and turned me over to his manager who in essence told me "buyer beware". After hours of endless chatter I was told I could have a couple free oil changes, receive fair market value for my truck (about 25% less than I paid for it weeks ago) and finally get the right truck for the job.

Because I was not sold the right truck, there I was... 17 years old, and after having saved up for years (I was too young to finance) I ended up having to borrow money from a buddy to get the truck I needed to do the jobs contracted to me.

I remember saying to the sales people involved that they should be ashamed, and that I would never do something like this to a client.  I never have.

Anyways I digress. After a back injury I entered the automotive industry, and have been here over 30 years.

My Commitment to You

All to often I've seen - and still see - people trade-in a truck that did not meet their needs. I'm going to make sure this doesn't happen to you.

What I offer you is:

  • safety
  • a great truck
  • no pressure sales
  • competitive pricing
  • years of experience as a truck owner & salesperson

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